What is Project Dragonfly?

Project Dragonfly is a business that engages carpentry, panting, woodcraft,
basic metallurgy and creative vision to design and execute unique, functional,
character-giving art.

What is Interior Design?

Interior design molds what you need and what you want your living space to be and do, with a desire to have that space meet your personal style and taste.

What We Do

Project Dragonfly offers custom displays–frames, shadow boxes, custom-made decorative wall hangings,custom designed and built furniture, re-purposed furniture, and refinishing and restoration services.

When to Hire a Designer

Interior designers should be contacted very early on in your process. You may not need to do full-scale remodeling to achieve what you want. You may just need to re-design what you have in terms of the layout within the space being considered. A good designer will help you create something that is functional and meets your needs as well as have aesthetic appeal. A good designer will have a network of expert contractors and others to draw upon, people that they know and trust who can bring the project to completion while minimizing stress for the customer.

What Makes Project Dragonfly Special?

Project Dragonfly separates itself from the rest because of my diverse skill set. I am able to design, to see the image as I work and to make changes as needed in the execution. The skills I have attained allow me to do the bulk of the work, ranging from small jobs, drywall, painting, welding, framing, etc.  I am thus able to eliminate bringing in other vendors needed to complete the work. This allows for a less stressful experience for the customer since it eliminates the need to communicate and schedule among multiple parties.

I am willing to be flexible in the design process. Most designers are artists at heart. That’s a plus, but artists can tend to be possessive of their work. This makes many of them unwilling to collaborate. I enjoy sitting down with clients at home improvements stores to discuss different ideas and approaches to come up with creative solutions. Once there is an agreed-upon plan, I am able to execute and deliver that shared vision. This makes the end result more of a collaboration than a strictly commissioned work.

I tend to work best when I’m free to design around some ideas or pieces that are important to my clients, maybe a work of art, a bed spread, a vase, or a piece of furniture with special significance. That little bit of inspiration is enough to spark a vision for a room or an entire building.



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